Leap Day

Today is February 29, which is a day that comes around once every four years.  I was contemplating this fact in the morning.  I was wondering the last time that February 29 fell on a Wednesday, and that would have been back in 1984, the year I was born.  Leap years seem to be special years, as the summer Olympics always fall on a leap year.  So do U.S. Presidential elections.  Since leap day falls at the end of February, it can be rather unmemorable.  However, a few leap days ‘leap’ out in my memory.  On Leap Day 2008, I had to give my first department seminar on my Ph.D. research project, so that was a special day.  On Leap Day 2000, I went to a high school basketball game.  Other than that, leap day is usually unmemorable.

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