Leap Day

Today is February 29, which is a day that comes around once every four years.  I was contemplating this fact in the morning.  I was wondering the last time that February 29 fell on a Wednesday, and that would have been back in 1984, the year I was born.  Leap years seem to be special years, as the summer Olympics always fall on a leap year.  So do U.S. Presidential elections.  Since leap day falls at the end of February, it can be rather unmemorable.  However, a few leap days ‘leap’ out in my memory.  On Leap Day 2008, I had to give my first department seminar on my Ph.D. research project, so that was a special day.  On Leap Day 2000, I went to a high school basketball game.  Other than that, leap day is usually unmemorable.

February Thunderstorm

It is strange to have a tornado watch in Omaha during February.  I will resume blogging tomorrow.

The Dream World is a Strange World, Part 1

I sometimes get the strangest dreams when I am sleep deprived.  Last weekend, after a long week at work, I had trouble sleeping.  By the time 9:00 am on Saturday rolled around, I gave up trying to sleep, after only getting about 3 hours total from the night before.  By 1:30, though, I began to get very sleepy again, so I took a nap.  The nap did not last too long, but it was long enough to have a short, yet bizarre dream.  In the dream, I was watching a documentary that was similar to “The Secret“.  In the documentary, a dog gets his foot injured so bad that it has to be amputated.  The owner, in order to sympathize with his dog’s pain, also decides to get his own foot amputated.  The owner stated that it was a growth experience for the both of them.  I immediately awoke from that dream laughing hysterically, as it made no sense whatsoever.  I had other strange dreams in recent days due to my sleep deprived state, but that is for another day.


40 day blogging challenge.

I am issuing myself a challenge to post something on this blog every day for the next 40 days.  It will be challenging, but I feel it is important for me to get my message, whatever that may be, out there.  Here’s to day 1 of my blog!