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The Dream World is a Strange World, Part 2

The same weekend that I had the strange dream about the amputee, I had dream about washing a car.  In the dream, it was a warm Sunday evening in February, and I thought that this would be a better use of my time than watching the Academy Awards or the Super Bowl, because they were both happening at the same time as I was washing the car in my dream world.  Anyway, I was washing my neighbor’s red Jeep Liberty (the car exists in real life).  I was washing it with a bucket of soap and water, but then I noticed that the solution I had was leaving small florets of broccoli all over the car.  I try to collect these florets in the bucket to save them for later.  However, I noticed that they were in dirty water, so I decided to rinse off the florets of broccoli.  However, at this point they had turned into green beer bottle caps, and I was alarmed, as these were going to scratch the car.  I started to pick them off one by one, and this is where the dream ends.



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