It’s Been A While

It has been a while since I last posted anything here.  I recently attended Steve Pavlina’s Conscious Success Workshop this past weekend.  There, I found out from other attendees that they received valuable information about reading my posts on when I went to a previous workshop.  I plan to post more on it in the coming days.  For now, here are some actions that I am going to take as a result of attending the workshop:

1. Finish my Ph.D.

… – For this, I want to have successfully defended my thesis by Dec. 31, or at least have a defense date set by Dec. 31, 2011. If I fail to do this, I will shave my head and all facial hair, including eyebrows.


2. Create a group for CGW, CSW, CRW, and SRW attendees who live in the Midwestern states, or close by.

– I just made the group page right now, and I have invited a few people. I feel this is important, as I noticed that are some attendees from the midwest, but we are sort of spread out. In some ways, I was envious of those of you who live in Las Vegas, the Bay area, So. Cal, because the meetup group is right there. I decided to act on it and get a forum to organize meetups for everyone in the Midwest. I plan on having quarterly meetups. I still need to iron out the details on what to do at those meetups. I may just arrange the meetup, and see what develops.

3. Work on my social life.

– Although my social life has greatly improved since attending workshops, I do not socialize as frequently as I need to. My current job is sort of isolating, as I have my own project to work on and am not around people a whole lot. I notice that I always feel so much better when I get out. My specific goal in this area is to become more comfortable with talking to women in a flirtatious way, as I have limited experience in this area. It is also something that I have neglected for a long time. I had always put career before everything else in my life. I have more opportunities to get out now that I have moved into my own place away from my family, which had sort of discouraged being in a relationship until all education was finished.

4. Travel Plans

– I will be at the World Domination Summit in July, and I want to make at least a week of it, traveling around the West Coast. I may start another group for “Pavlinites” (for lack of a better phrase) who will be attending the summit, or who will be in the Portland area at the time.


5. Resume Blogging

– I got some feedback from other workshop attendees that they received value from my CGW 4 workshop reviews that I had on my blog. This has inspired me to blog more frequently. I plan on having my blog focus on my experiences in personal development, and maybe some other stuff that I may feel compelled to write about. I do not plan to blog frequently, but I do want to get back into the game.

That’s it for now!