About this blog

I intend for this blog to relate to personal development. When I mean personal development, I intended for it to be mainly my personal development. However, I feel that I can grow as a person by sharing this journey together with others, as some who read this may see aspects of themselves in my writings, while others may not, and this is all good. I know that a topic such as personal development may be a joke to others, but I find it to be serious. However, I do not plan for this blog to be all that serious all the time. Sure, I hope to post some serious posts from the heart that may be very deep. I plan on many of the posts to be of a lighthearted nature and humorous at times. That is, if you the reader share in my taste of humor. So don’t take every post so seriously. Not all posts may have anything to do with personal development at all. This is my personal blog, so I can post about whatever I want. Personal development happens to be something that I am currently pursuing in my life right now, but some of my other passions may pop up from time to time. I do not want to pigeonhole the genre of this particular blog at this moment. It will be interesting to see how the posts will evolve over time and to see what impact, if any, this has on others. I am well aware that there are probably thousands of blogs dealing with the same topics. I know some of these bloggers personally, and I follow many of these blogs myself on a regular basis, which inspired me to make my own. I am not out to compete with any of those blogs, and I will encourage you to read some of those if I find something helpful. I am mainly doing this for myself and for the experience of blogging to see where it goes. What I learned about myself lately is that I am a curious person, and that I need to do more experiencing in my life in order to find where I can contribute the most.

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