Northwest Trip Finale

We had to get up at 3:30 AM on Tuesday morning for our flight out of Portland.  The night before, I did not sleep so well, and getting up early was very tiring as well.  We got a cab to make sure we made it to our early flight.  I dropped a bunch of cards out of my wallet on the airport drop off and had to pick up all of my stuff on the pavement while trying to pay the cab lady.  We got through security fine and then our plane.  Since I checked into Southwest airlines late, I ended up with an aisle seat.  It did not matter, as I was half out of it during the flight, but did not get much good sleep.  We had a three hour layover in Phoenix.  We got to our connecting flight gate back to Omaha, and I fell asleep waiting.  I slept for about a half hour, and when I woke up, my brother was gone.  In a daze, I called him up.  Apparently I was too boring for him when I was asleep, so he got up and walked around the airport.  I had a light lunch at the airport, even though it was only 10:00 am or so, and they were still serving breakfast at most of the food kiosks.  We got on our flight, which was another blur to me,  and I was in a middle seat, and my brother was somewhere else on the plane because I checked in last minute.  I was too busy the previous day to care.  At 3:30 PM our plane touched down in Omaha, and the trip was over.   My brother and I were safely home.  However, for me, I was in Omaha only for a couple of hours because I had to go on to a work conference in Colorado that evening, but I will end this post for now.


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