Northwest Trip, Part 6

Monday was our final full day in Portland.  We managed to cram in most of our Portland sightseeing on Monday afternoon.  We had a quick brunch in the hostel, and then we went up to Washington Park for the views and the gardens.  That did not take as long as anticipated, so we then went up to Oregon Health Sciences University campus.  The view was better up there, but we were disappointed that we were unable to see either Mt. Hood or Mt. St. Helens from up on top of the hill due to the smog.  Other than that, it was a clear day, and we got many good shots.  We went around the campus, and it felt very similar to the University of Nebraska Medical Center, where I spend a lot of my time.  We took a ski lift type tram to get up and down the hill where the campus was.  We then ate a late lunch at Virginia Cafe, and then went over to Voodoo Donuts for some donuts.  I ate a donut immediately, and then saved another one for the next morning’s breakfast.  We then went shopping at the University of Oregon apparel store for Oregon Ducks souvenirs for my uncle, who is a fan of their football team.  My brother went back to the hostel, but I went to one last meetup arranged by Advanced Riskology blogger Tyler Tervooren.  Because of our early flight the next day, I left the meetup after only one hour.  I had some simple dinner in the hostel before showering and going to bed.


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