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Northwest Trip, Part 2

On the second day of the trip, five of us crammed into a Dodge sedan and headed to the Pacific coast.  Our route passed through southwest Washington state and northwest Oregon.  We crossed the Columbia several times to get to the coast.  The most notable crossing was at Astoria, Oregon, where we saw the mouth of the Columbia River.  We drove into Washington State, and headed to Cape Disappointment.  There was a observation point that had a good view of the ocean.  What was surprising was how windy and cold the coast was relative to the inland areas.  It was around 65 degrees at the coast, with a steady wind, while it was well into the 80s in Portland.  We then went to look for an actual beach to visit in which to walk around.  However, Cape Disappointment lived up to its name, as every point in the park wanted to charge a fee, and threatened to fine us $99.00 if we did not pay the entrance fee, but there was no place to stop and pay the fee.  Disappointed, we turned around and headed back into Oregon.  Once back in Astoria, Oregon, there was a traffic jam that we had to get through.  While waiting, a fellow passenger found a blog post on their smartphone titled “How to Stop Being Disappointed“, which was an interested synchronicity.  Once past the long traffic Jam, we ended up in Seaside, Oregon, which had direct access to the beach.  We spent over an hour walking along the sand and enjoying the very chilly ocean breeze, especially for the middle of July.  After that, we then headed back to Portland.  Once back in Portland, we were already two hours late for the World Domination Summit opening ceremony and party.  I tried to get my brother into the party, even though he was not a paid guest.  That did not work out, so I went back to the hostel with my brother.  We had a simple dinner nearby, and I went back to the party after my brother went to bed.  By that time, the part was over (10:00 PM, too early for a party to end if you ask me).  My other friends who got to the party late ended up not eating because the lines to the food carts lasted until the party’s closing, and everybody was shutting down their operation at 10:00 PM.  We spent the next 2 hours looking for a restaurant that was still open on a Friday night, AND would allow teenagers into their establishment, as there was a 17 year old girl among us (someone and their daughter).  However, everyone ended up eating at a Crepe food cart around midnight.  I am glad that I had a simple dinner with my brother, and by the time I got back to the hostel I was dead tired.  Overall, this was the favorite moment of the trip for my brother and I.
My next few posts will be about the World Domination Summit, which was the main reason that I went to Portland.  For now, enjoy some pictures of the Washington and Oregon coasts.



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