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Trip to Moscow, Part 4

May 10, 2009


It’s been a week since I last wrote.  I should wrap this up.  On Sunday, Anya and her husband Andrey showed me around the Kremlin, GUM, a sculpture park across the street from Gorky park, the Armory, and a catholic church.  We also bought some souvenirs at a department store.  The selection was not good, so I went back to the overlook point on Tuesday and Wednesday to buy better gifts.  I got some pens there.  My allergies kicked in again.  On Monday, I finished my experiment with Petr.  On Tuesday, I did resistance imaging with Igor (yegor)  all day and then on Wednesday, I wrapped some stuff up.   I ate at a Mexican/Italian place on Monday night.  I had sushi on Tuesday night and again on Wednesday night with Yuri and Dr. Yaminsky, with some people from the lab.  I bought some stuff at the store that evening.  I got up on Thursday and took the taxi to the airport.  I got on the plane and it was rainy on Thurday in Moscow.  I got sick on the flight back because of what I ate.  I had painful diarrhea in the plane.  I was in pain until I got home and fell asleep.  It sure is nice to be back in America.  I enjoyed Russia, but America is more comfortable for me.  Now I need to figure out what to do with my life now that I am back.



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