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Let’s Play The Prosperity Game

I have done this a while back on the Steve Pavlina forums.  The main object of the game is to go for 30 days, and on each day you get more money.  For most people, starting at $1000 on the first day would be the most reasonable, since most people can wrap their heads around that amount.  On day two, the amount of money you get is $2,000.00.  Then, on day 3 it would be $3,000.00 and so on until the days are up.  What this does do well is to help generate ideas on what to do if that kind of money came into your life.  A lot of people always say that they would like more money in their life, and this is one way that can help you clarify what you really want.  When I did this, what I found was that some of the things that I wanted showed up during that time period.  Interestingly, it turns out, that some of the things that I wanted did not end up costing me as much as I thought it would.  In my case, one of the things I was going to buy with my money was a futon chair from Ikey, which I thought would cost me at least $200.00.  Later that day, I found a sleeper sofa on the curb on my block, which was close, but was way too big to get into my building.  However, another week passed, and a friend of mine e-mailed a bunch of people, including me.  The e-mail was to sell furniture because they were moving.  They happened to sell a futon that was the right size to get into my building, so I bought it, and it only cost me $40.00.  There were some smaller things that I accomplished on my list as well.  My grandmother was having problems with her washer, so one day I put the washer on the list.  Later on, it was replaced with a newer one because of their warranty.

One could look at this either objectively or subjectively.  I outlined the subjective point of view above.  The objective viewpoint was that since I was thinking of these things, my mind started picking up on things that were already there, but now were noticed.  Either way, this is a great exercise in finding out what you want, and will help you find ways to get to your goals or much closer.  Try it for a month, and please leave comments on your experience below.



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