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Good Friday

Today is good Friday.  The fish fries are over for the year.  This is the first Friday night in 7 weeks that I have not gone out.  I went out to six fish fries in a row.  The last time I did not go out on Friday, it was the middle of February.  That night, I had trouble sleeping from working really hard the day before.  That was also a week before my 40 days of blogging challenge, which will end in a few days.  During that time, I was feeling really overwhelmed with my professional and personal responsibilities.  I had many sleepless nights around that time.  It was crazy of me to even think of doing a blogging challenge.  Lately,  I have been feeling somewhat underwhelmed, so more action is needed on my part.  Halfway through this period, I went from being busy to being underwhelmed due to some equipment malfunctions at work that have delayed my progress at work.  I have done some small tasks that will help my project a little bit, but now I am getting impatient.  On Monday, everything should be up and running, so I can get my momentum back.  I had momentum in January and the first half of February, then other obligations stopped me.  I then had these malfunctions that were out of my control.  I am not complaining, but reflecting on the past few weeks.  I did like how some of the spare time got me to work on my social life.  I do have plans for the weekend between friends and family, so I look forward to that.  I just need to come up with some ideas for the next couple of days.  I think I may write about some things that I am looking forward to in the coming weeks and months, and where to go with this.



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