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My Bountiful Baskets Experience

Yesterday morning, I got up 7:00 AM.  Why would I get up so early on a Saturday?  To pick up my basket of produce.  Last week, I discovered Bountiful Baskets.  Bountiful baskets is a produce co-op that meets once a week or every two weeks to deliver produce in baskets for select areas across the US early on Saturday mornings.  I had heard about when I was looking for a way to save money on fresh fruits and vegetables.  For about $15.00 a basket, you get quite a selection of fruits and vegetables, but you never know what you will get ahead of time, so it requires some flexibility.  The baskets are approximately half fruits and half vegetables.  For the vegetables, I got two tomatoes, two bunches of kale, three cucumbers, three summer squashes, one stalk of cauliflower, and a head of romaine lettuce.  For the fruits, I got half a dozen apples, half a dozen pears, two mangoes, two grapefruits, and a half a dozen bananas.  This is usually more variety than what I would purchase myself at the grocery store.  The produce seemed to be in decent condition.  The bananas needed to ripen, as well as the pears.  Everything else looked just about ripe.  As soon as I got back from the pickup time, I made a breakfast smoothie out of one mango, one grapefruit, one apple, and I added a cup of frozen blueberries that I had on hand.  It was a decent smoothie, and best of all, it was mostly fresh.  I also prepared some minestrone soup with some of the summer squash that I got.  I took some pictures of the produce as I got it, as well as the soup I prepared.  I also made a salad from the lettuce, kale, cucumber, and tomato as a side for my dinner tonight and tomorrow night.  Hopefully, I can successfully store and eat the produce in a timely manner.  I recommend going to the website to look at how to find a pickup site near you.  The website has a guide on how to store produce and how long it will last.  I am using that as a guideline on what to prepare and in which order.  That is it for now, but I may post updates on this topic from time to time.






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