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APS Mica Modification Protocol


I made an instructional video on how to modify your mica surface with APS.  It is relatively straightforward.

Here are the steps:

A strip of mica freshly cleaved from both sides is immersed into the APS water solution for 30 minutes.

After 30 minutes, a strip is washed with AquaMax purified water and is dried with the argon.

The dried APS modified mica strip can be kept in argon filled cuvette for at least a week.

A small, leveld table is needed for the sample preparation procedure.

A Piece of mica from the modified strip is cut and sample is deposited on the surface for 2 minutes.

After 2 minutes, the sample is washed away with AquaMax purified water and dried with argon gas.

The sample deposited will be attached to either a glass slide with glue or a metal disc with double stick tape, depending on the type of AFM used.

Another additional 30-40 min drying in vacuum is recommended after that sample is ready for imaging.

The dried sample can be rescanned within several months after the initial preparation.




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