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iPhone Battery Problem, Part 1

When you see this screen on your iPhone, it is never a good sign.


Yesterday morning, while getting ready to go to work, I saw the dreaded screen above on my iPhone, which usually means that the battery is empty and/or dead.  I had a similar problem with a free iPod that I had won in a drawing after having it for two years.  In that case, I could not revive it, no matter how much I charged it.  So, I was sort of in a rough spot as my iPhone is the only personal phone line that I have.  I was afraid that my battery was dead and I would have to replace my phone.  First, I went to my cell phone provider to look into getting a possible replacement or repair, but they would have to ship it to me, which would take about a week.  I did not want that option because I like to have a phone around me in case of an emergency (how did people survive emergencies before cell phones? I guess there used to be pay phones, but before that, forget it).  My other option was to drive across town to the only Apple store that exists in the state of Nebraska, so that’s what I did.  This was my first time in an Apple store, and it was very crowded for a weekday morning.  I got some help, and I realized my mistake.  The good news is that it was possible to revive my iPhone.  I also learned of a trick that can help preserve life to an extent on the iPhone 4s, which will be mentioned in a step-by-step guide in part 2.


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