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50 State Challenge, Part 1

One of the goals on my bucket list is to visit all 50 US states in my lifetime.  I do not know of many people who have accomplished this goal.  A lot of people start bragging about how many states they have been to once the number gets to be above 20.  So far, I am more than halfway to my goal, as of now, I have been to 26 states.  I plan to add at least two more states this year.  This has happened in waves, and since I have taken more control over my life in recent years, the number has accelerated greatly.  For the next two posts, I am going to post a list of states that I have been to in the order when I remember first visiting them.  I may have been to them earlier as a small child, especially the states that border Nebraska, but my memory is unclear of some events, so I put the date that I know for sure that I first visited the state.  So far, I have only lived in one state my whole life, and that is Nebraska.



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