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East Coast Trip, Part 6

Once I got to the hostel, I had to wait until noon to check in to my hotel. As I waited, I fell asleep in the lounge. This hostel was better because it had an elevator, as the small wooden stairs in Philly were hard on my knees while carrying luggage. I stayed on the fifth floor, and as soon as I got checked in, I immediately took a nap for a half hour. I then charged some devices, and went to McDonalds on Times Square. I came back, used the computer, and then I spent the next 7+ hours roaming the city Via subway. My first and longest trip was to visit Brighton Beach in Brooklyn. It took a while to get there. I walked along the beach, visted a Russian grocery store, and ended up on Coney Island. It was the end of the subway lines, so on the way back, I got bored waiting for the train to come. By the time I got back to Manhattan, it was getting quite dark. I took the Staten Island Ferry for a view of Lower Manhattan. I am glad that this ferry is free. I took the Staten Island Railroad to the middle of the island and then went back. There was not much going on there, and it was quiet and rainy. I then rode the subway up to the Bronx, which took another 2 hours. I then went to Grand Central station and walked back to the hostel via 45th street, I think. It was pouring, and I stopped at a pizza place for two slices of vegetarian pizza, which I had at the hostel. I talked to Anders, a Swedish Communications and Marketing major who is also studying Spanish. He travels a lot, so he is taking most of his courses on line. So, it must not be so hard to travel and go to school. I then watched the news, and then I took a shower. After that, I layed in bed, listening to my iPod. I went to sleep, and by this time it was already Friday. I got up before 9 am, and went to some place next door to eat some fruit. I then walked over to the UN,. I then went back to my hostel to get new camera batteries, and then I took the subway to central park. This took longer than I thought, and I ended up on a train that had door problems. I switched trains, but I was a little late for my meeting with Josh Haas, who I met at CGW 4 the summer before. We had lunch and talked about life, which was good. He then showed me around lower Manhattan, such as Chinatown, East Village, Soho, and NYU. I felt really good after this meeting, and then I started making my way to the airport, which took about 90 minutes, and it was getting dark by the time I checked in and went through security. The LaGuardia airport is in a crowded section of Queens. When boarding the airplane, I was shocked that we had to take a bus to get to the airplane. Once on the plane, we were delayed. First, so they could change the oil for the airplane, and then the runway was too crowded, so there was a 75 minute delay overall. I landed in Omaha at 11:30 PM central time, and did not get back home until after midnight, around the time that my brother got home from hanging out with his friends. Overall, the trip went very well, except that I never got to spend any time with Ting, someone who graduated from UNMC the summer before.



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