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East Coast Trip, Part 5

On Wednesday afternoon, the conference was over, and I was getting quite ancy to leave for the second part of my trip. I got on the light rail to Penn Station, which for Baltimore was a dump. At the train station convenience store, there was a probably homeless guy who smelled like urine paying for things with change from a plastic bag. He had a portable CD player that he may have been listening to the whole time. I waited for the train, which came. I got on the train and it was easy, except I could not find a seat right away, so I ended up walking across the train while it was moving. I then found a seat and I realized that the train was moving backwards. I saw trailer parks, bays bridges, and small towns. After a while, I could not tell what state I was in. My friend, Nick, called around that time and I told him that I did not know whether I was in Delaware or Maryland. Shortly thereafter, I found out that we had stopped in Wilmington, which looks a lot bigger than it actually is. Then, I got to Philly and had dinner with Nick. Liz, his wife, showed up a little later, and they told me about how to stay safe in Philly and then they told me that they do not like Philly so much. Liz talked about coming back to Omaha in the summer to finish her Master’s degree at UNMC. Nick was coming back for a short period to see a Bright Eyes concert. They then pointed me to my hostel on the Subway. I ended up in Old Town, which was a nice historic neighborhood. I stayed at a hostel that was quite hipsterish. I sort of felt bashful and I ended up just watching some TV, which was a DVD of “It’s always sunny in Philadelphia.” I watched some other stuff and walked around the hostel. When I was brushing my teeth, some guy was throwing up. There was an Argentinian man playing the guitar. I slept good that night because I was so tired from all of that traveling. I went to the coffee shop for the discounted breakfast that they advertised in the hostel. A middle-aged guy from the hostel sat next to me and we talked about hosteling. He gave me some pointers on how to do it right, since I told him that it was my first time staying in a hostel. I then walked around the Old town, and saw Independence Hall. I then checked out of the hostel and went back to the train station to catch my train to NYC. From the train, Philadelphia looked ghetto after passing by the zoo and seeing downtown. There were many broken logs by the track for some reason. It then got rural for a little bit, while following the Delaware river, and then crossed into Trenton, New Jersey, which also looked economically depressed. It got rural for a while, and then there were some nice houses, office parks, and a home depot. The houses gave way to small apartments, and then larger office parks, then bigger apartments, and then industry, and then Newark. Then more industry and grassy fields. A hill was approaching that looked crowded with row houses and apartments, and then we entered a tunnel. At the other end was New York City. I got out of the train station feeling disoriented because of the
and well hidden, though it was near Times Square.




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