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My Trip To The East Coast, Part 2

For the first part of the trip, I attended the 55th annual Biophysical Society Meeting in Baltimore, MD.  I did some blogging for that site, so I had to write an introduction of myself and my research, and I wrote the following:


My name is Alex Portillo. I am a second year Ph.D. student at the University of Nebraska Medical Center located in Omaha, Nebraska. I am working under the supervision Dr. Yuri Lyubchenko. My research deals with misfolding and aggregation of yeast prion protein Sup35. I will be presenting a poster on Sunday afternoon at the AFM session, so if my research sounds interesting to you, please drop by. There will also be two other posters from my lab that also deal with protein misfolding and aggregation at the Wednesday poster session. This will be my first time attending a Biophysical Society meeting, so I am excited for this new experience. I will be flying out to Baltimore tomorrow morning, and will stay for the entire meeting. After that, I will do some sightseeing on the east coast before returning to Omaha. I look forward to meeting new people, discussing exciting science, and sightseeing.

I journaled about my experiences during the trip, so for the next few posts, I will be posting parts of what I wrote about the trip while it was happening.  I will also start posting pictures of the experience as well.




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