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I read an interesting blog post by Trevor Pirtle about hugging.  I have to admit that it would take a lot of courage on my part to hug another man who is a stranger.  Until recently, I was uncomfortable hugging people outside of the family.  Even then, it is not a frequentoccurrence.  One time at the grocery store, a cashier who is a family friend hugged me and it took me by surprise, and I backed away.  They thought it was so strange of me to tense up like that.  I thought it was strange that she would hug me.  That was over two years ago.  Since then, I have gotten more comfortable hugging others.  What changed my perspective on hugging was when I attended my first Conscious Growth Workshop, which I described before.  I got a little hug crazy that weekend.  In fact, I got a little burned out on hugging so much that I did not hug the last fellow attendee before they left for home.  I did hug some strangers, including a very attractive jewelry saleswoman.  We were chatting for a while when she offered ahandshake.  I hugged her instead, which took her pleasantly by surprise.  When I got back home, I sort of lost my enthusiasm for hugging.  It gets easier for me to hug when around others who are open to it, such as at personal development workshops.  Once after a workshop, I even hugged my dentist after she drilled my teeth for cavities.  I still have a hard time hugging coworkers, as they are scientists, and most times it is like hugging Sheldon Cooper.  It seems out of place in a scientific environment, especially conferences.  I would like to see more of that.  I guess it is up to me to initiate hugging in these settings.



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