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Decluttering the Office

Today, I decluttered my desk at work.  Here are some ideas on how to declutter a desk:

Clear off everything and group like items with like items on the floor nearby.  Place folders to be filed with other folders to be filed, place loose documents to be filed together, group your pens and pencils and highlighters.  You get the idea.  Discard or shred any papers that are no longer relevant to work you or doing or have done.  First drafts of final documents and newsletters and old newspapers and post it notes for completed tasks, shred or throw them away.

If you find you need more assistance with your organization, purchase or request more hanging file folders for your filing drawers or desktop shelves and bins.  Drawer organizers for writing devices, staples, staplers, paperclips, etc are also a great help.  You can even get hanging bins that attach directly to a wall or can hook over the top of a cubicle wall. 

Label your bins and shelves and file folders so that you will know where to find something when you are looking for it.  You can take this organization one step further by organizing labeled files alphabetically or by task or job or client or other relevant criteria.  Hang a bulletin board or magnetic dry erase board on your wall to help you remember important reminders and appointments. You can also use a paper weight to help hold down and secure loose papers on your desk.


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