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CGW 4 Day 3

In the morning, I got up late because I was out really late the night before. I was quite tired and we worked on mind and heart, connecting with other people, and relationships. We had no handouts that day and I even asked Steve about it and he said that the day is about the heart and not the mind. I took lots of notes on a notepad to make up for this.

The main thing on the third day that we did was to look people in the eye and feel intense feelings of love and to hug them. This exercise left us with intense feelings of love, that some people started to cry. We then did a field exercise of love in the casino upstairs and we felt calm and looked at some people who looked tense, and this feeling of love either made them smile a little bit or lighten up. We stared at a blackjack table and I was invited to play. I won $10.00, and tipped the lady $5.00. That was fun.

For lunch on Sunday, the majority of us went to Caesars Palace buffet. The line took an hour to get through, and we gave each other a group massage on each other’s shoulders, which felt great. Then we had lunch, and some of us signed up for the “Buffet of Buffets” pass that lasts for 24 hours. Most people paid $45.00 for this, while I paid only $40.00 because of my rewards card. They had to wear bracelets, I just needed to show my card. It was a quality buffet, and I liked it. It reminded me of the Harrah’s buffet in Council Bluffs, IA. We then got back to the workshop 5 minutes late, but Steve was just starting.

The afternoon was about spirituality and how to look at things from an objective and a subjective standpoint. We also discussed manifesting and law of attraction from these viewpoints. A lot of people had questions about it, and we discussed places that we visit in dreams. This was the most abstract portion of the workshop for me, and this will require more reflection on my part, so I may post more about it later. Little did we know, but this led to a 30 day trial of subjective reality for Steve, which has produced major shifts in his life. This was a Q&A session, and I think we did some more power exercises before we wrapped up the workshop. Overall, it was a fun experience. We hung out for a long time afterward, and I hugged both Steve and Erin. I bought a CD from Erin. I hugged a bunch of people who were leaving that afternoon, and slowly one by one, people started to head back home.

I went to my room to put away stuff, and some of us who remained hung out at an outside bar for a while. We then had dinner at Imperial Palace buffet, which was on par with Old Country Buffet, including the 80s music. It was no frills. We then played blackjack for a while, where I lost all of my money for that day at the Flamingo. We then wandered up and down the strip, trying to go to old Vegas, but then gave up on that. Instead, we spent the evening saying goodbye and doing Karaoke until 2 am at the imperial palace. The song that I picked was “It Don’t Matter to Me” by Bread because of its lyrics are about of the songwriter letting go of his lover so that she can find herself.


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  1. Thanks for this detailed review of the workshop dude!

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