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CGW 4 Day 2

On the morning of the second day, we discussed our careers/finances. We talked about a four panel model of Body, Mind, Heart and Spirit, and that if any of these are neglected in our careers, it can lead to long term suffering. Body refers to money and security from the job, Mind is intellectual stimulation and skills needed for the job, Heart is how you ultimately feel about what you are doing and whether you are passionate about it, and Spirit is your overall contribution to your field leading ultimately your contribution to the world. An example of a heartless job that has a lot of body is being a lawyer, where the pay is good, but sometimes they have to do things and defend things that they do not believe in.

For the hot seat, Antonio got on the hot seat and told us how he hated his job working at the cable company, and how he did not feel a connection to his coworkers and his high school friends that he still hangs out with on Fridays. He considered his job title “drug dealer” because he believes that there are some people who rely on cable too much, and are addicted to it like a drug. He does have a few friends that he recently met that he respects. His true passion is about cars, so his overall plan is to start a blog about cars, and hopefully that will help him get into car shows and eventually become profitable from it. I think we all saw a shift within him when he was on that stage courageously sharing his career situation with all of us.

We then went to our individual exercises, where I was really fuzzy about my true passions. I was fine with the money situation for now. These were combined for this workshop because they are related and he wanted less redundancy and more efficiency in time. I talked with Udi and Barbara (Henderson, NV), about my passions, which were really fuzzy. They then asked what breaks my heart and I discussed my family situation. Then they asked what I found wrong with the world, and I described how the situation in Zimbabwe made me depressed, and then Barbara said that it relates to human suffering. Udi did not completely agree, but then time was called. I got emotional during that part, and then Teodor slipped me a note about setting boundaries, which I need a lot of work on because I talked to him earlier about setting boundaries in one of the exercises.

For the afternoon session we did some more power exercises with a different group of people. I was with Niall and Mikki where we tried to get women’s numbers. Mikki got a date for Sunday night, but was eventually stood up. I also asked some strangers for a phone number, and I asked some ladies for their number at a neighboring Fraternity conference and they both declined me. They were with a fortysomething man and I said that I won’t ask him for his number since I am not into men. He was not amused and gave me a dirty look. I also asked some Ukranian lady selling oxygen her phone number, but said it was against company policy. Niall was persistent, and got the other lady’s phone number.

Back in the room, we talked about health and I mainly said my health was good, but my anxiety and guilt could have an effect on my overall health in the long run. I realized that I could make exercising fun by making it a group activity, particularly with weight lifting. I could increase my skills so that I am better at public speaking, and I could also increase my computer literacy in programming, which can help me with my current job. I was tired during the afternoon session, so I did not get a whole lot out of that particular session.

That evening, some of us hung out in the lobby for over an hour talking about our plans. We then went out around 7 or 8, we tried to get a cab to eat at Go Raw Café, but the limo would have been there after closing since it was far away and the fare would have been steep even if we had made it over there and they waited for us for over an hour. We got in the limo and then got out one minute later. We then went over to the Venetian food court for dinner. I talked with Niall about life in New Orleans and the oil spill. I realized that was something that broke my heart, so I told him about my exercise with Udi and Barabara, and I felt all choked up and queasy again. We had a good talk, and then he went to back to his room. I then spent the rest of the night with Antonio, Yang, and Josh and we went up the strip to the Stratosphere. I thought it would only take an hour or two, but it took over four hours to do! We started at 9pm and got back to our rooms around 1 am. The lines at the stratosphere were long, but we socialized a lot. I met a lady around my age who is a research tech at Johns Hopkins genetics department. I also talked with a deaf couple who could not speak, so we were communicating via gestures. We also met some French students, some 16 year old girls, some Italians, and a German guy among others. We rode insanity, which teetered us off of the building, and then we did some spinning one, which was more fun, but left all of us dizzy and queasy afterward.


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