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My Trip to Las Vegas and Personal Growth

On July 15, I left Omaha for Las Vegas for Steve Pavlina’s Conscious Growth Workshop. I slept off and on for 1-3 hours intervals the night before because I was both anxious and excited. Once I woke up for good, I went over some things in my room to get ready. I then got on the flight. It was sunny the whole way, and everything went smoothly. It was nice to see Colorado Rockies and the Utah canyons from the air. The landing in Las Vegas gives you a nice view of downtown and the strip. The hardest part was finding my baggage at the carousel. The sign said go to carousel 5, but instead it was 2. I got mine and then tried to find a shuttle. I found a shuttle to my hotel, and got a ticket. We had a driver who joked around with us as he dropped us off at our hotels. He is originally from South Chicago, and I told him that I got lost there the month before. He dropped me off, and there was no line at all at check in. The hallways are dark and Victorian, and the room is quite decent. Not as nice as the hotel I stayed the month before in Columbus, OH, but still nice.

Here is a video of the landing:

The Pre-Workshop Meetup:

That evening, I went to Caesars Palace to find the food court and the meetup.  Eventually, I found the food court and saw some hipsters eating food. I held up my sign for a while, but I did not find anybody responding. I went to a vendor that was selling wraps and I ordered one. I got my order, and then I found some booth style seats next to a row of tables that looked similar to what I saw on Youtube videos from previous workshops. I had the sign up when eating, and then lady walked by and smiled. She came to introduce herself and sat down. Her name was Angela Curtis, from Oklahoma City who getting out of a marriage that she had at 19. She had children, and was now going back to college to major in theater. She was also attending a theater workshop after the CGW workshop. We talked about how our flights were and how she went to Erin Pavlina’s intuition workshop back in April so she would be familiar with Las Vegas, and this lowered her anxiety.  Once we had talked for a while, I got up and walked around with a sign a couple of times. I found a table of men talking, and they said they were a part of the workshop too. I had them move to the booths so we could accommodate more people. They were Josh from Connecticut, but originally from the Bay area of San Francisco, Udi from Israel, who grew up in Canada and has perfect English, and Matt from Colorado. They talked about where they were in terms of their career and Matt talked about how he felt about management at his company, where he is a software engineer. Udi helped him with that, and then he discussed intuition. Matt is sort of skeptical about intuition and the like, so they had a debate over intuition. Udi said that he was also skeptical of it, coming from a computer engineering and logic background himself. However, he said that he experiences where he went with some gut feeling against some research he did, and that worked out better than when he ignored it and went off of some empirical evidence that he got. Much later, Iyal, from San Jose, but originally from Russia, and growing up in New York City, showed up. His profession is also in computers, and said that he feels that he plateaued in his career. We chatted for a while. Much later, a CGW 2 alumnus named Kevin showed up. He is a Las Vegas local who told us of his experience, and how it helped him end a “comfortable” relationship that he had but had ultimately felt stuck in. He offered to bring in some breakfast smoothies on Friday morning, which he did, and they were delicious. He had such a positive vibe. All in all, 7 people showed up to the pre-workshop meeting. I walked back to the hotel with Angela and Josh and we talked about how it had just sunk in that we had actually made it to Las Vegas for the workshop, and it had a powerful effect on me emotionally. I went to bed that night feeling quite tired, and I kept waking up to ambulances and honking horns from the strip.


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